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About The Centre

The Centre for Accessibility is an industry and not-for-profit collaboration working to promote digital access.

The digital world is a rapidly changing environment that all of us increasingly rely upon, but for people living with disability much of the Internet remains inaccessible. The Centre for Accessibility has developed a free, highly accessible online resource to promote and respond to digital access.

The role of the Centre is to empower the Accessibility movement and encourage the government sector and digital content developers to implement accessibility when designing online resources. The project will connect our target audience with accessibility experts, to experience what it’s like to use assistive technologies along with creating a meeting point between developers and the people who benefit from and require accessible design.

partnership & FUNDING

The fruits of long term collaboration.

The Centre for Accessibility emerged out of the active, working collaboration of the project partners; digital access specialist Dr Scott Hollier; digital design agency Media on Mars; and arts and disability organisation DADAA LTD. The partners’ long term collaborations and active work in digital access lead them to devise the Centre for Accessibility.

The Centre for Accessibility is funded for its first 12 months by an Australian Government grant from Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC). Part of the NDIS, ILC focuses on ensuring our community becomes more accessible and inclusive of people with disability. The partners’ role is to deliver the Centre for Accessibility and state-wide training, develop an online, practical and up-to-date resource for encouraging organisations to implement digital access, and begin to build governance structures for the Centre to be supported beyond the ILC funding period.

Our hope is to actively connect those with disability who rely on digital access with the disability agencies who support them. We welcome all to the Centre as partners, participants and co-drivers into the future.

The Centre for Accessibility is a joint project by Media on Mars, DADAA and Dr Scott Hollier and is funded by the Department of Communities, Disability Services.

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