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6 March 2024

Image is of three women sitting, facing each other and laughing. The text says "World's First Hearing Aid with Adaptive Sensors". To the right is the hearing device, in silver.

Oticon recently released a next-generation hearing aid called “Oticon intent”, designed to address a significant challenge encountered by its users in discerning speech amidst noisy environments.

Oticon Intent can adjust and accommodate the user’s specific needs and desires, making it personalized and distinctive. The hearing aid uses 4D sensor technology to achieve this tailored strategy. Its 4D sensor technology encompasses brain hearing technology, designed to output the imperative sounds for users to hear, all without the individual leaning in to listen to where the noise is coming from.

Not only has this device been found to be beneficial to the individual’s emotional wellbeing, but it can also aid cognitive decline. This is because sound provides stimulation, which is deemed essential to the analytical and physical brain.

Additionally, Oticon intent carries some features, namely LE Audio Bluetooth. This equips the user with digital accessibility via smartphones and devices. Translating its claims to next-gen sound-quality through other technologies. The hearing aid acts as earbuds, offering hands-free calls and direct streaming to music and audio books.

More information about the hearing aid can be found in Thiis’ article, about the Oticon Intent’s announcement.