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16 May 2022

LinkedIn recently added a new accessibility feature to its program.  Users can now have access to captions in audio events.  This is an amazing and inclusive addition as it now allows event hosts to reach a larger audience.  More people can understand what is happening in the event as well as see one happy user who wrote up a post on LinkedIn.  This can improve the participation and attendance rate in such online events as more people feel included and acknowledged.

LinkedIn is a growing professional social media platform that is growing ever important. More and more employers are relying on potential candidates’ LinkedIn profiles as an employment background check.  LinkedIn also provides a space where, companies or employers, can share their current thoughts, feelings or potential developments with like-minded people.  As such, this professional resource needs to be inclusive of people with disability.

While CFA Australia applauds LinkedIn for adding captions to live audio.  It’s important to acknowledge, that the captions may not be completely accurate due to the captions being based on an automated process.

Find out how to turn on captions during a live LinkedIn audio event, please read this article hyperlinked.