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17 April 2024

Image is of two video game gunmen pointing guns. The text says JBL and Counter Strike.

JBL, in collaboration with nonprofit AbleGamers and Harman, has unveiled software tailored to assist gamers who are blind or with low vision to engage more fully in the world of first-person shooter (FPS) games.

Named JBL Quantum Guide Play, this software has been crafted over the past year employing Spatial Audio, JBL Quantum’s head tracking technology, and advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to translate in-game elements into audio cues. By emulating the process of echolocation, players can effectively navigate virtual environments, detect obstacles, and interact with the game world through sound.

The software’s debut comes alongside its compatibility with Counter Strike 2, offering players an unprecedented level of engagement and enjoyment within the game. Moreover, JBL has made this tool freely available for download on their website, with compatibility for Windows systems and an option to use it with or without headphones. Additionally, a training map on Steam facilitates familiarisation with the software’s functionalities.

Chris Bernauer, managing director of AbleGamers Brazil, emphasised the importance of integrating blind players into the development process, stating that understanding the core mechanics of games like Counter Strike was essential for creating effective audio cues.

For individuals with zero percent vision, JBL advises seeking assistance for software setup and initial use. Interested users can download JBL Quantum Guide Play from the company’s website, signaling a new era of accessibility and empowerment in gaming for individuals with low vision.

For more information, read MSN’s article about JBL’s free software.