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13 December 2023

The upcoming iPhone 16 series from Apple is poised to introduce several notable features, with the “Action button” taking centre stage. Following its initial appearance in the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, this user-configurable button is set to undergo significant changes, particularly in the realm of digital accessibility.

According to reports from Macrumours, the Action button is expected to transition from a mechanical to a capacitive-type button in the iPhone 16 lineup. Codenamed Atlas, this updated button will integrate a force sensor, enabling it to detect pressure changes and offering improved functionality. Internal documentation mentions “tact-switching functionality,” suggesting enhanced tactile feedback, aligning with Apple’s ongoing efforts to enhance the user experience for individuals with disability.

The Action button, unlike traditional static components like the mute switch, allows users to customise its functions, providing a range of capabilities from switching to silent mode to accessing accessibility features. While specific details about the Capture button, another anticipated addition to the iPhone 16 lineup, remain undisclosed, the overall trend indicates a continued focus on user customisation and enhanced functionality.

Apple’s experimentation with different sizes and the consistent integration of the Action button throughout the iPhone 16 development stages underscore the company’s commitment to improving digital accessibility. As the iPhone 16 series garners attention, it becomes evident that Apple is actively working on incorporating features to cater to a broader audience, aligning with industry standards for inclusivity in technology.

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