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1 February 2024

Image is of a bearded man wearing glasses and a blue button up shirt holding a white smartphone to his mouth. To the left is a small picture of a phone keyboard, with "Google keyboard tips and tricks". The text says Google's GBoard, Developing a "seamless voice typing" feature.

Google’s Android keyboard app, Gboard, is set to revolutionise voice dictation with its upcoming “Seamless Voice Typing” feature, aiming to make voice typing more accessible and user-friendly.

The feature addresses the current two-step process for initiating voice typing, streamlining it into a seamless experience. Once activated, voice typing will automatically begin when the keyboard appears, eliminating the need for users to repeatedly tap the microphone icon. This innovation not only enhances efficiency but also has the potential to significantly benefit users with disability.

For users who rely on voice dictation due to mobility related disability, the Seamless Voice Typing feature offers a more straightforward and accessible means of communication. The option to toggle this feature on or off in the app’s voice settings provides users with flexibility in adapting the tool to their specific needs.

While the Assistant voice typing toolbar is currently exclusive to Pixel devices, the Seamless Voice Typing feature is expected to be compatible with non-Pixel speech-to-text, making it accessible to a broader audience of Android users.

As this feature remains in the development phase with no confirmed release date, it holds promise for making voice typing more user-friendly and accessible, particularly for individuals with disability who rely on alternative means of input. Keep an eye out for updates on this exciting development that could positively impact the Android user experience.

For more information, please refer to MSN’s article on Google’s GBoard app.