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21 June 2021

Centre For Accessibility Australia has been successful in the current funding round of the Western Australian government Debarment of Communities Advocacy funding to support students with disability in the tertiary education sector.

The project, titled ‘Tertiary education for all’ advocates for current and future WA university students with a disability, by providing a practical solution to improve accessibility issues within the university sector. CFA Australia has been contacted by students across the five major universities, asking us to advocate on their behalf due to digital accessibility issues that impact their education. The project will address this by developing an online resource to support students in using assistive technologies on their devices, and provide positive, independent & proactive support to WA universities on how to address their web accessibility issues.

This project is part of a $3.44 million funding to advocacy services in areas of unmet need to support people with disability in WA

The full list of successful participants is as follows:

  • Midland Information Debt and Legal Advocacy Service;
  • Centre for Accessibility Australia;
  • Club Fed;
  • Sussex Street Community Law Service;
  • Wunan Foundation;
  • People with Disabilities WA;
  • Perth Health and Care Services; and
  • Mawarnkarra Health Service.

In a project media release, Minister for Disabilities the Hon. Don Punch, MLA indicated that this funding will support the delivery of community initiatives in Western Australia which will increase the capacity of people with disability, their families and carers, and local champions within the community to advocate for better outcomes for people with disability, including access to services.

CFA Australia CEO Dr Scott Hollier stated in response “We are delighted and privileged to have the opportunity o support students with disability and the WA universities by creating a resource that directly supports  students, and working closely with WA universities to address their access issues.”

The project is scheduled to run for approximately two years.