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21 August 2020

The Centre for Accessibility (CFA), founded in 2018 as a collaborative industry and not-for-profit initiative to advocate for the importance of digital access, has now become its own not-for-profit organisation. Incorporated as Centre For Accessibility Australia Ltd, the new organisation will focus on supporting the needs of people with disability in gaining access to popular consumer devices such as computers and mobile phones along with the development of ‘how-to’ resources to make use of the assistive technologies found on popular devices.

In response to the incorporation news, inaugural CFA Australia Board Chair, Marina Re, stated that “I’m excited to provide leadership and work with the Board to progress the important strategic guidance for our mission – to support and advocate for the digital access needs of people with disability.”

Over the coming weeks CFA Australia will update its service offerings that will focus on disability-led support to organisations and launch a new initiative to continue our mission as a disability-led accessibility social movement.