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15 June 2022

8BitDo has introduced a new accessibility-minded gamepad designed for gamers with limited mobility.

The Lite SE controller is compact and much lighter than traditional controllers, and has more sensitive buttons and joysticks that require less pressure to press, as well as a non-slip rubber mat to keep the controller in place on flat surfaces. The Lite SE is compatible with Android, Raspberry Pi and Nintendo Switch, and allows up to 18 hours of runtime, with a charging time of just 1-2 hours.

8BitDo Lite SE. Made for Gamers with Limited Mobility.

While users may not find this controller as flexible as some of the other accessible options on the market, such as Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller or Logitech’s Expansion kit, the Lite SE retails for just $USD34.99 rather than $USD99.99 as its competitors do. This new product fills a gap in the market, for accessible technology to be truly accessible it needs to be financially accessible too.

For more information visit:

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