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Having moved back to Perth after 19 years in Victoria & Geelong, Emma’s starting afresh; a new career and home life. With an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design and Multimedia and life skills developed around hospitality, importation, and logistics within sectors of fine cheese, wine & spirits, food, and cigars worlds, Emma provides a detailed eye, knack for organisation and a determination for task completion. Emma also brings key lived experience to CFA Australia, having been diagnosed with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) in 2021.

Emma likes a highly varied range of music & movies and could not love anything more than catching up with friends or dancing the night away at a gig.

“I was born to be real, not perfect and CFA Australia, is the first workplace where I have been accepted for who I am & what I am (neurodiverse).” Emma Otley

Woman with medium length brown hair, wearing a black jumper and a green puffer jacket.