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Accessibility Audits

It is recommended that organisations upskill their staff to perform website and app audits, but you can might also want an independent assessment of your digital content. These audits will check your site based on the success criteria of the WCAG standard, including visual checks, screen reader evaluation and testing with automated tools.

If you’re interested in organising an accessibility audit of your content, you can contact Scott or VisAbility.

Accessible Information Services

The AIS team from VisAbility provide a wide range of services to make materials accessible for people who are blind or vision impaired, or who have a print disability. Materials can be converted into Braille, audio, accessible word/PDF, EPUB, large print and any format of the person’s choice.

To organise material conversion or learn more about AIS, email VisAbility or call (08) 9311 8202.

Audio Descriptions

Audio description is the auditory narration of videos, television programs, films and live performances. During gaps in dialogue, it describes visual elements such as scenes, settings, actions and costumes. Audio description services are now at most major Perth events and festivals, providing access to cultural participation for people who are blind or vision-impaired.

If you would like an event or show audio described, you can contact Jacqueline.

DAIP Reviews

We help organisations to develop, implement, monitor or review their Disability And Inclusion Plans (DAIPs). We are able to assist local governments, small-to-medium arts organisations, and large institutions.

To enquire about DAIP reviews contact David.

Disability Awareness Training

For organisations interested in enhancing accessibility to participants and clients with disability. These training sessions focus on communicating with, welcoming and hosting visitors and audiences across all disability types. While useful for all organisations, this training is particularly valuable for local governments, businesses or community groups who engage with the public or have mandates to accommodate diverse audiences as part of inclusive practice frameworks.

For more information on organisation training, contact DADAA.

Vision Awareness Training

These training sessions focus on working with people who are blind or vision-impaired. Training encompasses practical and respectful ways of communicating with, guiding, and welcoming a person who is blind and vision impaired. This training is particularly suited to front line staff within organisations and at public venues.

For more information on organisation training, contact DADAA or VisAbility.

Does your organisation offer these or other accessibility services?

The Centre For Accessibility (CFA) Australia hopes to create links between people with disability, organisations wishing to become more inclusive, and the companies that offer accessibility services. We welcome your contributions to this list so that a comprehensive itinerary of offerings can be made available to everyone. Get in touch with us.