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12 October 2021

The Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) has announced the release of their updated WCAG-EM Report Tool.

The WCAG-EM Report Tool, turns users accessibility evaluation findings into a report.   It is based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Evaluation Methodology (WCAG-EM), which is introduced in the W3C WCAG-EM Overview website.

The WCAG-EM Report Tool can be used to create a structured report of accessibility evaluation findings.  It does not perform automated checks.  The tool is for experienced accessibility evaluators, thus needing the knowledge of WCAG, accessible web design, assistive technologies, and how people with different disability use the Web.

To view the WCAG-EM Required Expertise, visit the W3C Website.

The WCAG-EM Report Tool has several functionalities:

  • The tool runs locally in the user’s web browser, and does not need an internet connection beyond that point.  When the web browser window is closed, any unsaved data is lost.
  • All input is recorded as JSON data in the background in the web browser.   User can download report periodically as they work to avoid losing data if the web browser closes.
  • Users can save partially-complete reports and work on them later.  To reload a saved file, users can use the ‘Open Report’ button on the page.

Visit the W3C website to view the updated WCAG-EM Report Tool.

Changes that have been made from the previous version of the tool include:

  • Added Markdown support for observations so users can include code examples, images, links and more.
  • Added status section with progress bars, so users can easily tell how much of their report is completed.
  • Improved performances.

The tool is “backwards compatible”.   Which means that users with reports created in the previous version of the tool, can still open those reports in the updated tool.

To see the Changelog and know what is new in the 2021 redesign of the WCAG-EM Report Tool, visit the GitHub page.

The previous version has been moved, and is no longer supported.  To view the previous version, visit W3G GitHub page.

To tweet and share about the news, visit the information on Twitter.

Suggestions for the next update of the tool are welcomed.  Suggestions can be shared through GitHub or email available on the bottom box of the WCAG-EM Report Tool website.