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12 April 2021

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) has published a new Developer Module, which provides teaching modules to help develop courses on digital accessibility. The modules cover accessibility basics that apply to all developers, designers, content writers and others.

Broadly, this resources provides a framework for:

  • Creating courses on digital accessibility
  • Including accessibility in other courses (e.g. programming & graphic design)
  • Reviewing existing and proposed courses

A variety of ways the resource can be used, include:

  • Faculty lecturer: selects topics from the Foundation, Developer and Designer modules to teach accessibility to students.
  • Accessibility professional: selects topics from the Foundation, Developer, Designer and Author modules to create accessibility training courses.
  • Hiring manager: compares the competencies assesses for different certificate based on the modules provided within the new curricula.

Curricula Modules

The resource includes modules the cover the fundamentals of accessibility that generally apply to everyone in IT, as well modules that incorporates specific skills for developing, designing and authoring accessible digital content. The recently published Curricula includes an updated Foundation Modules and a new Developer modules. The new Developer Modules focuses on accessible mark-up and coding techniques, mainly for teaching front-end developers.

In addition to these updated modules WAI has stated that next modules will incorporate designing and authoring accessible digital content. The exact date for the release has yet to be determined, however we can look forward to it sometime this year.

It is great to see the continuous development in providing guidance on teaching accessibility. Such updates and new frameworks, further addresses various audiences and take into account people with different technical skills and knowledge about the topic. The WAI welcomes comments on this recent framework as well as other resources. Near the bottom of each page, under “Help improve this page” there are links to GitHub and e-mail.