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10 December 2021

The Zero Project is a global initiative for a world without barriers. Its mission is centred around the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Person with Disabilities (CRPD) of the United Nations and its commitment to a world with zero barriers.

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The approach of the Zero Project is research-driven and aims to:

  • identify
  • curate
  • share innovative practices and policies as intended and encouraged by Article 32 of the UN CRPD.

To achieve the objective, the Zero Project engages with a worldwide cross-sectoral network of innovators, decision-makers, and opinion leaders,  with more than 9,000 experts, with and without disabilities in over 180 countries, and have been actively contributing to the Zero Project.

In a four-year-cycle, the Zero Project research process focuses on one of the four topics, which are:

  • employment
  • accessibility
  • independent living
  • political participation / education

In the past year, the Zero Project Team has evaluated 381 initiatives that work to improve accessibility for all. After the research process, the Zero Project has awarded 76 innovations from 35 countries that stood out for their proven innovation and impactful commitment in creating a world with zero barriers. The awards will be officially presented at the Zero Project Conference 2022, held at the United Nations premises in Vienna.

Two Australian accessibility resources has been acknowledged by the project’s award:

  • The Government of South Australia: Online Accessibility Policy and Toolkit
  • Travel For All: Travel For All Guide

For the full list of The Zero Project 2022 Awardees, visit The Zero Project 2022 Awardees web page.

For facts and figures about the year’s selection of Awardees, download the 2021-22 Press Release.