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Accessibility is not a feature; it’s a social movement.

We have all benefited from the enormous contributions of the Internet and digital technology, from connectivity, communication and sharing, to mapping, shopping and banking. We can work from home, collaborate remotely, and access information from just about anywhere. People with disability are no different in their desire to access this information, and in fact may experience even greater benefits with new ways to be socially connected, platforms for political engagement, and the convenience of digital services.

As we move more and more services and vital information online, we all have a responsibility to ensure that the entire community is taken with us.  —  Lyndsey Jackson

For many years, accessibility has been stuck in the domain of lengthy policy and complex guidelines. The social campaign for accessibility is designed to demystify digital access; we want to shed light on what accessibility means and promote its integration into mainstream organisations. The campaign is working to reposition accessibility from a compliance issue to being about the people that it serves.

We seek to encourage social change in the accessibility sector by showcasing positive stories and highlighting opportunities for improvement. We would love your help to promote the accessibility campaign and invite you to get involved through our social channels. You can also sign up to our newsletter and share your stories.