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13 September 2021

The Web Accessibility Initiative – Communities of Practice Project and The W3C Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group invites:  Researchers, practitioners, and people with disability, to participate in an international online symposium exploring research challenges, and opportunities in digital accessibility.

This online symposium brings together researchers, academics, industry, government, and people with disabilities, to explore the current state-of-the-art in accessibility research, development, and practice.  To uncover pressing topics for future research and development. The goal is to explore potential gaps between topics discussed by researchers and practitioners.  By increasing awareness to the challenges faced by all communities, collaborations could emerge and improve the current state of accessibility research and practice.

Accepted contributions will be made available on the symposium page, and will be open to discussion prior to the symposium.  Authors of accepted contributions will be invited to participate as panellists in the symposium. Attendance to the symposium is open to anyone interested.

  • symposium date: 10 November 2021​
  • paper submission date: 6 October 2021

Registration is free, but registration is required by 7 November 2021.

for more information on topics, requirements and the agenda, visit the project page at the W3C website.