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1 September 2021

Pneuma Solutions have recently announced the release of the Scribe for Meetings browser extension. This potentially makes screen sharing more accessible for people that use assistive technologies to access the content.

A major issue for tools that include screen sharing, such as live presentations, is that the text can be locked in an inaccessible image.  Scribe works to address this by scanning presented content using its Dynamic Visual Representation (DVR) mode.  This allows readers to access the content at their own pace by pausing and going back to the accessible slides, then continue the live presentation whenever the user is ready.

The extension is available on Firefox, Chrome and Edge.  It can convert presentations into 8 different formants using their Augmented Document Remediation technology.  Examples of formats supported include MP3 and Braille.

For more information including steps on how to download Scribe, visit the Pneuma solutions website.