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24 September 2021

Microsoft has recently launched its Surface Adaptive Kit.  The kit includes several accessibility features to improve the accessibility of Microsoft’s range of laptops and tablets.

The kit includes:
  • Bump labels:  Glue dots that comes in different shapes.  These could be applied to help identify features such as buttons, keys or ports.
  • Keycap labels:  Transparent labels with raised feature designed to help identify keys on the keyboard
  • Port labels:  Pairs of labels designed to help identify and match cables and ports on the device.  Each pair is a different colour with different tactile design that could be identified either visually or by touch.
  • Opener support:  Two opener supports.  A larger loop to open a laptop lid and one opener support, with a flexible section in the middle so users can attach lanyard or wrist strap

In addition, the new Microsoft Surface Adaptive Kit has an inclusive packaging that allows people with disability to experience unboxing a new product. The box can be opened by removing the sleeve from the case by pulling open the tab on the back.  Then using the notch on the front of the case to open the lid. The case contains a folder with a large loop that opens a folder containing cards, that each contains the different components of the adaptive kit.

While the introduction of the kit will likely assist a variety of people with disability, there is some concern about the durability of the stickers, and the ease of application.

For more information and guide to the Microsoft Surface Adaptive Kit, visit the Microsoft Support Surface Adaptive Kit web page.