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9 May 2021

Microsoft has announced significant improvements to its Excel application through the addition of its  Accessibility ribbon. The purpose of the Accessibility ribbon is to enable increased ability in creating and crafting accessible content, whilst using Excel files on the web, Windows and Mac.

This new feature acknowledges those that require further assistance in retrieving accessible content on excel, which includes persons with disability, as it enhances authoring accessible content through its application.

The Accessibility Ribbon tool is available for easy use, as it’ll automatically appear by simply opening the ‘Accessibility Checker’ on the Review tab, when the Check Accessibility pane is open.

Through the use of the ribbon, inaccessible content can be significantly improved in Excel spreadsheets. Examples of such conversions include adding alternative text and easy-to-understand names to pictures and charts, unmerging cells to create a clear structure to presented data and fixing any colour contrast issues.

This feature is available now for Office Insiders that use Windows Beta Channel Version 2104 (Build 16.0.13916.10000) or later and Mac Beta Channel Version 16.48.21032104 or later. It is also available to web users that use Excel.

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