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10 December 2021

The Digital Accessibility Journey: Exploring priorities & investments in Aus & NZ

Access to information and communication technologies – including the internet; is a basic human right. At least it should be, especially as society continues to live and work in a digital world, accelerated significantly by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, many people have been left behind in an increasingly digital world – people with disability making up a large proportion. In Australia, one in every fire people have a disability, while in New Zealand, the number is one in four. This scale shows that Digital Accessibility is simply non-negotiable if the benefits of a digital era are to be available to all.

Digital Accessibility includes everything from designing websites and documents that can be read by screen readers to providing subtitles on audio-visual media. Across the globe, strides are being taken to embed these solutions into all communications. Not all organisations are putting Digital Accessibility into everyday practice.

The research by Infosys found that only 3% of organisations in Australia and New Zealand are meeting Digital Accessibility standards in all their employee and customer facing digital assets and services. In their report, Infosys examines the progress being made in Digital Accessibility among enterprises, public sector and not-for-profit organisations in Australia and New Zealand. To bring the research to life, they sought advice from accessibility organisations, including:

  • Australian Network on Disability
  • The Centre for Accessibility Australia
  • Intopia (Australia)
  • Vision Australia
  • Accessibility Tick (New Zealand)
  • Access Advisors (New Zealand)

The advice combined with qualitative interviews with leaders responsible for accessibility in organisations helped in constructing research questions. The survey was conducted on more than 670 organisations (570 in Australia and 100 in New Zealand) to understand where they are on their Digital Accessibility journey, what routes they are taking, what barriers they are facing, and what advice they might have for those just starting out.