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30 December 2021

Google has recently pushed out its December 2021 update for the Google Pixel 6 range of smartphones, and in it are some exclusive accessibility improvements. These include support for people that have difficulty hearing conversations in loud places and some extra language support in its other features.

  • Conversation Mode in Sound Amplifier: through the Sound Amplifier app, users can boost the volume and clarity of sounds that the device picks up when using headphones. To use the feature, users can go to the app, and pointing their phone at any person they would like to have conversations with, and the app will enhance audio and tune out background noise in loud environments.
  • Recorded Transcription: The Pixel’s Recorder app features a real-time transcription feature. Previously on launch, it only supported English. With the new update, German, French, and Japanese languages are now supported with more on the way.