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25 October 2021 is a new not-for-profit online service launching in early 2022. The service seeks to assist Australians who live with disability to pursue their potential, and will use a suite of online services to assist members to:

  • would-be entremmonetise a hobby / craft
  • establish a gig-based micro business; or
  • establish a small business

It will also provide an opportunity for:

  • lobbyist to push for a constructive change
  • would-be-volunteers looking to find somewhere to volunteer

The organisation is operated by Australian business people who live with disability that will provide:

  • mentoring
  • online resource library
  • internal peer support discussion board
  • webinar and online events
  • blog
  • quarterly newsletters
  • online training provided by Griffith University
  • online marketplace linked to, a freelance service for business

While waiting for the full release, people with disability, carers and people with an established connection to disability in Australia can currently join the platform for free and access many of the services.

Signing up as a Bronze member is free, and can be done through their login / registration page.

For more information about, visit their website home page.