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27 April 2021

CFA Australia continues its mission in alleviating hardship faced by people with disability through its launch of a free helpdesk to locate accessible alternatives to inaccessible content.

The Helpdesk, supported by the generosity of the Fremantle Foundation and the Bray Family Fund, aims to alleviate the hardship faced by people with disability due to inaccessible content. The initial focus of the Helpdesk is to assist in isolating specific information or provide information for completing a specific online tasks that may have been deemed impractical due to accessibility issues. The Helpdesk is aimed to support people with disability, as well as their families and carers who are trying to access these resources.

The helpdesk works by supporting the person to find potential accessible alternatives to inaccessible content. For example, if one grocery website is difficult to use, our disability-led team will help to identify accessible alternatives where possible.

The Helpdesk is a formalisation of a service CFA Australia has been providing since February when Facebook blocked people in Australia from being able to access news on its platform in protest to the Federal government’s proposed media laws. While the demonstration was intended to justify Facebooks’ reluctance to pay for news it represents, its impact on the most vulnerable in the community created significant digital access issues for people with disability used to finding information on the Facebook platform. Although the news has been restored, the unexpected removal of accessible content highlighted the need to find accessible alternatives, in a short period of time. The demand for that service has continued.

If you are a person with disability, a family member or carer supporting a person with disability, the helpdesk is ready to support you.  For the information, please visit our helpdesk page at