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1 September 2021

What do you do when you have an office full of equipment that’s no longer required?  The solution: distribute it to people and organisations that can benefit from it.  This is the situation that presented itself when the Centre For Accessibility Australia (CFA Australia), and the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association (ASCCA) teamed up to distribute an assortment of computer and office equipment.

The scenario was that ASCCA were shutting down their Sydney training office as all training had moved online.  This meant that desktops, laptops and an assortment of office equipment needed a home.  CFA Australia was aware of some people and organisations that could benefit from the equipment.  So ASCCA generously agreed to donate everything in the office if; CFA Australia covered the freight costs to Perth.  Allowing the equipment to reach the people in need that had a connection to disability and health-related conditions.

Kieran and Scott standing together with a laptop computer

Photo of Dr Scott Hollier and

One laptop went to Kieren, a teenager located in the Perth Hills with Cystic Fibrosis. Kieran needed a well-speced laptop for his schoolwork, gaming and specialist health software, and this need perfectly matched one of the laptops available.

Kieran and his family were given the laptop, expressing their thanks to CFA Australia and ASCCA for their generosity and support. As a result, Kieran has now been able to access the software needed and join in activities with his friends online.

A number of lower-speced computers and equipment went to a Perth specialist school, that is being established that will be including children with special needs, and needed computers. Due to the dated hardware, they were installed with Trisquel Linux, which is optimised for low-end hardware and works surprisingly well. The distribution also includes a training video for people who are vision impaired.

In addition, disability and Arts organisation DADAA  received some projectors and general office equipment.  A few leftover laptops remain with CFA Australia to provide people with disability a computer as the need arises.

CEO of CFA Australia Dr Scott Hollier said “we are approached from time to time by families of people with disability and health conditions  that need assistance to alleviate hardship caused by a lack of digital access. This generous donation by ASCCA has directly supported a number of people and allows CFA Australia to continue its important mission.”

There are a few computers left.  So if you know of someone in the Perth area that has a disability, or health condition and could benefit from having a computer, please get in touch.