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12 October 2021

AirDrop Gaming has introduced their Audio Radar gaming experience.  Allowing deaf and hard-of-hearing gamers to “see the sound” in video games through a state-of-the-art, LED light display.  Using the display – attached at multiple points of the gamer’s screen to mimic.  The surround sound games were designed for – deaf and hard-of-hearing gamers can see sounds such as gunfire, footsteps, explosions, vehicles, and more.

“We hope to give these communities a level of accessibility they’ve never had while playing the games they love, including Battle Royal titles – Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty, and more.”   Said Tim Murphy, CEO of Airdrop Gaming.  “The entire entertainment industry is becoming more and more accessible. Through innovation, we’re doing our part to give all gamers a fair shot.”

Airdrop gaming has put extensive time into development and testing.  They had fully deaf and partially deaf gamers to conduct user testing on March 2019.

“It was a continuous warning system and it worked perfectly for my style of play,” according to Jamal, a gamer who is 100% deaf.   “It gives you that little bit extra notification where the sound is,” according to Chris, who is partially deaf.   “If you don’t catch where the sound came from in the headset when it happened, there’s a good chance you caught it visually from the lights and can react.”

Audio Radar will launch on Indiegogo as a crowdfunded campaign on October 15.

For more information about Audio Radar and how to pre-order, visit the Indiegogo website.

image of audio radar device with configuration buttons. has logo "audio radar" on the left and the text "see the sound" on the right]

About AirDrop Gaming

AirDrop Gaming is an innovative and technologically advanced company.  They specializing in developing world-class gaming accessories that improve gamer’s performance and play experience.  The company is headquartered in Zeeland, Michigan, United States. They commercialised the HipShotDot, a gaming accessory that enhances or replaces in-game sights with a physical USB-powered red dot sight.

To know more about AirDrop Gaming, visit their website.